The best and worst of DIY



No matter how much you love DIY you’re bound to have some favourite jobs and some you would rather not do at all. We’ve been out asking DIYers what their favourite tasks are and the conclusions are pretty interesting. There doesn’t seem to be one loved task and one most hated chore, everyone seems to have different favourites, as you’ll see from the comments we collected when we asked… “What are your favourite and most disliked DIY jobs?”


My favourite DIY job is tiling. I especially love laying terracotta floor tiles, they always looks so good and they’re quite forgiving being so rustic looking. Least favourite… erm… actually, putting up pictures, because it should be such a simple job but I can never get them straight.”


 “Painting walls I enjoy, I love the results and it’s easy to do. Worst is the glossing. I hate doing skirting boards, gloss paint is so sticky and it takes forever to dry and doing skirting boards gives me back ache.”


“Well, I like doing something new, a bit of a challenge. I get a bit bored doing the same things over and over again. Decorating can get a bit boring. I like making things, built in cupboards, that sort of thing.”


“I’m a bit of a beginner when it comes to DIY so I like jobs that are easy! I get a bit scared sometimes and feel out of my depth but I’m learning.”


“I don’t mind most jobs. I’m not very good at tiling, but sister does it for a living, so if I need tiling doing I rope her in.”


Anything that needs me to design things or come up with ideas I hate. If someone draws me a picture or something then fine, but don’t tell me you want something building without giving me clear instructions or you’ll end up with something completely different from what you actually wanted. Can you tell I’m talking from experience here? Yes, my wife wanted one of those arbours, with the seat in? Well what she ended up with she has nicknamed ‘The Monstrosity’. So you can see why I’m not keen on that type of job. I’m stick to fixing things and painting walls!”


I like to mend things, to fix something without having to pay out for a professional. I don’t like jobs where you have to keep leaving it for something or other to set or dry. I like to get on and get a job done. I don’t like waiting around.”


“If it saves me money then I’ll do it myself, I can’t say I really enjoy it. I have other things I’d rather be doing, but I will do what I can.”


“I don’t really mind what I do really. I just do whatever needs doing. After a long week in the office the change of pace is nice. I don’t have to talk to people – I can just get on and do something practical. It’s relaxing in a way, a change of pace for me.”


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