DIY Window Treatments that go Beyond Curtains

Windows are an essential element in any room. They let light into your living room, open up your kitchen and bring cheerful sunshine into your bedroom. Adding even small and simple treatments can make windows look bigger, turn them into eye-catching features and help you make a statement in any room.


Of course, curtains and blinds are a great way to soften up a room and frame windows. They can add texture, warmth and colour to a room and when you choose the right style, can help add to the theme of your home.


But, your window treatment options go way beyond curtains. In just one afternoon you can create some stunning treatments that take your window, and the entire room, to a whole new level.


Add Moulding



One of the easiest ways to update your windows is to add some moulding. You can choose moulding that matches some that is already in the room or just go with a complementary style.


Wide moulding will make the windows look taller and will add a classy touch to the room. On the other hand, smaller, more casual moulding is great for homes with a modern or relaxed style.


You can do this yourself by picking up some moulding from your hardware store. Measure carefully, cut it to size and then paint it to match the room. When the paint is dry, use a brad nailer or electric screwdriver to install the pieces.


Paint the Frames to Pop


 For some added colour and interest, paint the moulding, frames or the space just inside the window a different colour than the one on the walls. Use a similar colour or just a different shade of the colour that is on the wall for a calm look with some simple contrast.


Or, go bold and use a bright or contrasting colour to make a statement and for added interest. Choose a colour that is already in the room, but isn’t already on the walls, so that it matches your decor.


When you do this, be sure to use painter’s tape to prevent paint splatters on the windows, latches and anywhere else you don’t want it.


Make the Windowsill Something More



If you have a narrow windowsill, make it more substantial by adding a painted board. Cut the board to size, sand it with an orbital sander and then give it a good coat of paint. Use some nails, or other strong adhesive, to attach the board to the existing windowsill.


If you want, you can add some thin moulding to make the board look built in or so it blends in with existing moulding. This is the perfect place for small plants, trinkets, vases or a collection.



Install Garden Shelves



Garden shelves in windows are beautiful in the kitchen and are a great place for potted plants, small vases and even a small herb garden. To make this kind of shelf, finish some boards with paint or stain. Then, you can either attach them directly to the window frame or add some brackets that you can lay the shelves on top of.


To make this work, add just a few shelves to the window. You don’t want to make the space look crowded or block the sunlight or the view. Just a few shelves can make a statement and make it easier to add some plants where they will thrive.





Add an Overhead Shelf


Another way to add a shelf to your window is to install one right above it. This is a great look if you have tall ceilings and works well in kitchens, libraries and offices. Again, use a sander and some paint or stain to finish a board so it matches the room. Then, hang the shelf using brackets or by attaching it directly to the wall.


Now you can use it to store books, dishes, collections or conversation pieces. Make this shelf stand out by painting it a different colour. For example, if the wall behind it is blue, paint the shelf white or stain it a darker colour. This adds contrast and draws attention to the windows.



Create Faux Windowpanes


Windowpanes bring a traditional, classic look to any home. But, even if your windows aren’t made up of individual panes, you can easily add some. Use very thin moulding or strips of wood to divide a window into sections that look like panes.


Paint or stain the wood first and then be careful only to attach them to the window frame. This way you can remove them later if you decide to go for another look and you won’t damage your windows.


This treatment is great for a window in a door, kitchen or bathroom and can even be applied to just one part of the window for a unique look.



Design some Privacy


Windows in doors and bathrooms can let in a lot of sunlight and make the space feel bigger, but can leave us feeling like we’re lacking in privacy.


You can purchase some window film at a hardware store and then use a utility knife to cut it to size. Then, apply it to the window so that it has a fogged look, giving you some privacy without having to hang curtains.


Get creative and think outside the box with this project. For example, you could apply the film to just part of the window or even cut out a pattern, like diamonds or a checkered pattern to combine style and privacy.



Build Indoor Shutters


We normally think of shutters as an outside accessory, but they can be a beautiful addition inside too. These work best for very large windows, large rooms or rooms with tall ceilings where they won’t make a room feel too full.


You can build your own or purchase unfinished shutters. Paint or stain them to match your room and then install them with hinges so you can easily shut them for some privacy and open them to let the sun in. If you are doing this in several rooms, hire a paint spray system to make your job quick and easy.


Adding treatments and features to windows draws attention to them and lets you add more style and personality to a room. Use these tips to update your windows and give your home a whole new look.



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