Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Cherry Picker

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You’ve no doubt seen cherry pickers around town, lifting workers up to reach nearly impossible heights. But, do you know where cherry pickers come from? Do you know what they are used for? If you are thinking of hiring a cherry picker, here’s all you need to know! (You can browse HSS Hire’s extensive collection of cherry pickers and boom lifts for hire to find the one that better suits your needs.)

How Do Cherry Pickers Work?

In essence, cherry pickers are platforms that can be raised and lowered on a lift so the person riding in the bucket can reach things at great heights. They can move in a telescope-like fashion so the person can get very close to objects and then back away. Some cherry pickers are mounted on the back of trucks or vans and others are attached to a separate unit.

The earliest cherry pickers had to be manipulated and moved around by a person on the ground, but modern models have controls in the bucket so the person riding in it can control the movements.

When Were Cherry Pickers Invented?

Cherry pickers had their beginnings in the 1940s and were developed through the 1950s to be more efficient. Modern models have seen even more improvements since then.

Originally, cherry pickers were used to help farm workers reach cherries and other fruits growing high in orchards. This invention made farm work much easier and made farming more efficient, so it was a big step forward for the agriculture industry. In the 1950s, cherry pickers were used on fire trucks so that firefighters could spray water from greater heights.

How Are Cherry Pickers Used Today?

While cherry pickers may have had their origins in the agricultural world, they are now used in several different industries. They are still used on fire engines and in orchards, but they are also used for a wide variety of jobs.

Cherry pickers are very common on construction sites where workers use them to reach heights and work on things high up on buildings. Electricity and telephone companies rely on cherry pickers to reach the power lines and the top of telephone poles.

Another common use for cherry pickers is for pruning and cutting down trees. Cherry pickers make it possible to cut branches at the top of trees and even safely remove entire trees. They are also used for cleaning, decorating, mining and emergency response jobs.

When Should I Hire a Cherry Picker?

If you work in the construction, mining, cleaning or farming industry, a cherry picker can make everyday tasks easy. Hiring a cherry picker can help you save time so your business can run more efficiently.

With a cherry picker you will be able to do things like:

•    Pick Fruit
•    Hang Banners and Decorations
•    Repair Utility Poles
•    Make Repairs to Buildings
•    Wash Windows
•    Paint Building Exteriors

Of course, the list doesn’t end there. You can use a cherry picker to reach almost anything and complete any task that needs to be done at a height.

But, cherry pickers offer more than just convenience. Working at heights without proper safety equipment can be extremely dangerous. Cherry pickers make working at these heights safe.

When you operate a cherry picker, you will wear a harness that is attached to the picker to help prevent falls. Pickers also have outriggers for support and features that prevent them from falling over. Most models have alarms and lights that tell the operator if the picker isn’t balanced correctly, so you can take precautions and steady the machine.

Cherry pickers have come a long way since their early days in the orchard, and are used in a variety of industries today. If your business requires employees to work at heights, or even if you have a one-time project that requires you to reach great heights, hiring a cherry picker will make your job easy and safe.