10 Things You Can Do for Your Garden During the Winter

Image Courtesy of HSS Hire

Image Courtesy of HSS Hire

The cold weather doesn’t have to mean an end to gardening for the year; in fact, there are lots of things you can do for your garden to make it a usable space and to prepare it for the spring. One of the secrets to working in your garden is to find projects that don’t involve plant life. Winter isn’t conducive to many plants, so you’ll need to find ways to enhance and beatify the space without relying on greenery and flowers.

Repair and Repaint Fences, Decks, Benches and other Features

Before the snow comes you can make repairs to fences, decks and other outdoor features. Now is also a good time to re-stain these things or give them a fresh coat of paint. Not only is it a convenient time for this, but these things often stand out more in the winter when plant life is dormant, so a fresh finish can go a long way.

Lay a Stone Path

Use stepping stones, flag stones or bricks to lay a winding stone path through your garden. If you want, you can even make a path that goes from the front of your home to the back or that connects things like patios, decks and other outdoor living spaces.

To do this, use a brush cutter to cut down plants wherever you want the path to be. Then, dig up plant life and enough soil to install the stones, either as individuals or for the entire path, depending on your design and finish by laying the stones.

You can also read an older blog post by HSS Hire on how to make your own unique stepping stones: http://blog.hss.com/make-your-own-unique-stepping-stones/. All you’ll need in this case is to hire a cement mixer: http://www.hss.com/c/1014433/Concrete-Mixing.html.

Install a Fire Pit or Barbecue Grill

What is more cozy than sitting around a warm fire on a crisp fall or winter night? You can build your own fire pit by digging a hole and then using bricks, cinder blocks or stones to contain the fire. There are also a variety of fire pits and outdoor stoves you can purchase that not only add warmth but have beautiful features that add style.

You don’t have to stop grilling in the winter. In fact, the smell of a hot dinner on the barbecue grill can make for the perfect winter night, so now is a great time to add a barbecue to your garden.

Build a Patio

Have you always wanted a patio? Now is a great time to build one! You can use any material you want, from stone to brick or even wood to build a patio behind your home. A patio with furniture and lighting can become an outdoor living space you will use all year.

Add Retaining Walls and Garden Borders

Winter is a great time to add retaining walls and garden borders to your yard. While the plants are trimmed and dormant, you can easily access the areas around them where you can build decorative and functional walls.

Install Outdoor Lighting and Heating

Outdoor lighting brings warmth and comfort during the winter and a touch of charm in the summer. There are all kinds of outdoor lighting options you can use so be creative and install a combination of styles. For example, you can use hanging lights and lanterns on your deck and garden lights to line pathways or highlight parts of your garden.

You can also arrange candles throughout your garden or on your deck or patio. When you spend time outside at dusk, the candles’ flicker will add a special ambience and scented candles can make up for a lack of flowers during the cold months.

Don’t forget the heating! When it’s cold outside, you’ll want to be able to keep warm with an outdoor patio heater. These units are designed to keep outdoor areas warm, so you can gather in the garden or enjoy a barbecue even when it’s chilly outside. You can browse HSS Hire’s wide collection of patio heaters here: http://www.hss.com/c/1014447/Direct-Fuel-Heaters.html.

Arrange Artistic Planters

While you may not be able to grow lush plants and colourful flowers during the winter, arranging beautiful planters can add colour and interest to your garden while it’s cold out. When arranged strategically, planters can define spaces so you can make your garden more comfortable and unique. Then, when spring comes, you can fill the planters with any kind of plant you want.

Set Up Yard Decorations

Yard decorations can add shape and colour to your garden while plants may be dull and dormant. Look for things like decorative stones, bird baths and even sculptures. These things can make a big impact, especially during the winter, and bring something new to your garden next summer.

Hang Bird Feeders

Even though it’s winter, you can still attract birds to your garden! In fact, many birds are more likely to visit bird feeders during the winter months because fresh berries, seeds and plants are harder to come by. Think outside the box and use some unique bird feeders and don’t be afraid to use more than one. Scatter bird feeders around the garden to add some character or hang them in groups for a more collected look and to create a focal point.

Arrange Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture like chairs, sofas, tables and rocking chairs can prevent your garden or patio from becoming an empty space over the winter. Coordinate colours and styles and look for pillows and table decorations that are designed to be used outside. Adding furniture to your garden will give the whole space extra style and make it more usable.

Winter is also a good time to remove dead plants, clear debris and to use a leaf blower to remove leaves and a hedge trimmer to clean up the shrubs. Keeping your garden looking sharp during the winter will make it more attractive and functional and will also make things easier when it’s time to prepare it for planting in the spring. TO browse HSS’s wide range of gardening equipment, please click here.

You may not think it’s possible to work on your garden during the winter, but with these tips you can make it a comfortable space you will use all year.